funk launches second season of "follow me.reports"

June 21st, 2017

When is a job a dream job, and why? That's what YouTuber Jodie Calussi wants to find out, starting on Wednesday, 21st June, 2017, at 1 pm, in the second season of the funk documentary series "follow me.reports" on the eponymous YouTube channel.

For follow me.reports on YouTube: click here.

Blogger Jodie Calussi follows on from YouTuber Felix von der Laden, who led us through the first season. Over ten episodes, Jodie meets exciting protagonists and tests the supposed dream jobs for herself.

There is a new episode every Wednesday at 1 pm. The format offers career information as well as fun entertainment. In the new season of "follow me.reports", Jodie delivers an insight into her community’s dream jobs, from the astronaut preparing for a trip into space and needing to get fit, to the Michelin-starred chef with crazy hours. Jodie always gets stuck in, trying everything for herself and asking all the right questions.

For the press release on the ZDF press website: click here.

For the "follow me.reports" YouTube channel: click here.

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