Factory of the Aircraft Giants

360° film

The Airbus A380 is a giant of the skies. With each flight, it transports around 600 passengers. Ten years after its first commercial flight and having reached the symbolic figure of 150 million passengers, Airbus opens the doors of its factory buildings in Toulouse for a 360-degree tour. The individual parts for the largest passenger plane in the world come from all over Europe and are assembled here, in an area covering 50,000 square metres! That’s more than twice the size of the Champ de Mars in Paris or Red Square in Moscow.

Visitors are completely immersed in the assembly hall. They watch workers assembling the aircraft, and experience how the engineers, methodically and patiently, conduct this huge industrial orchestra. Tens of thousands of bolts and hundreds of tests are performed before the Airbus takes to the skies for the first time.




5 min.

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