The dark side of German rap

Documentary film

Hip hop is the largest youth culture in Germany. Rappers make millions in sales with their music, and are hugely successful on streaming services and YouTube. Their videos often receive over 10 Million clicks. 

But there is a dark side: even well-known rappers flirt with anti-Semitic clichés. 

On behalf of "Die Story" ("The Story"), we ask: Who are the actors? What are rap lyrics really about? And how does German hip hop influence its youthful target market? 

In Offenbach, a teenager says: "Jew is often used as a swear word here. I had already heard that in primary school. It means you are stingy or mean." Others also think nothing of phrases like "Hey, you Jew". For young people, it’s part of their slang. It’s not meant in a bad way, it’s just part of the music they listen to. 

Teenagers load songs by controversial German rappers onto their phones in their thousands. How anti-Semitic is German rap really? Is it the new soundtrack in German school playgrounds?




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