Border Open End (WT)

Documentary film

The subject of the film Border Open End is both universal and topical: the borders of Europe. Borders are opened, then closed again. Lately, we’ve seen it daily in the news. Caught in the middle of these giant geopolitical back-and-forth shifts are the men and women who live on those borders. Their lives are surrounded by constant unrest and instability.

Our film is dedicated to them, and we seek to immerse ourselves in their world. How have the borders affected their lives? How have they dealt with the rapid-fire opening and closing of those borders? And most of all, what is their take on the current situation? Many of them were once forced to leave their countries illegally or have served as soldiers on the border themselves. 

BORDER OPEN END is a project of Labo M in Germany and Ladybird Films in France. Its development has been supported by funds from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


90 min.

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