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Eva Schulz has a guilty conscience. In recent elections, she has constantly had the feeling that she isn’t doing enough research on the parties and their manifestos: "As a young person, there simply aren’t enough places on the Net where I can look to form an opinion on the political process!" And just when everything is so terribly complicated: How secure is Germany really? What will become of Europe? Are we just living our lives for our CVs? And is Frauke Petry really a populist? Complete overload!

In weekly videos about the political and social events of the day, "Germany3000" looks for answers. Funny, fast, well researched, and with an unmistakeable look and feel. The format on Facebook and YouTube offers a mix of facts, attitude and humour, and helps young people to form their own opinions. And for once with a woman in front of the camera! The show’s host, Eva Schulz, combines seriousness with wit, and courage with honesty. She asks uncomfortable questions, and is not afraid to take a stand.

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