Grand Châtelet

Immersive VR documentary

Grand Châtelet is a geolocalized virtual reality journey back in time to Paris shortly before the French Revolution. Back then, the visionary writer Louis-Sébastien Mercier imagined what Paris might look like after the year 2000. Today, we can take a trip back to his time – using VR goggles or a smartphone in a Cardboard headset. Breathtaking, authentic 3D reconstructions of the Grand Châtelet bring revolutionary Paris to the here and now. Grand Châtelet can be experienced online anywhere, but also directly on location thanks to geolocation and directional sensors. This allows people to immediately contrast the past and the present. The users are immersed into a binaural, reconstructed soundscape of the French capital in the late eighteenth century. They can move around the streets, alleys, and bridge around the Place du Châtelet where Mercier walked over 200 years ago.

The Grand Châtelet VR project is a production of Labo M with the assistance of AudioGaming (Notes On Blindness, Type:Rider) and sponsored by the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, Fonds Nouveaux Médias (CNC), and the City of Paris, Fonds Transmédia. It is based on scholarly data from Mylène Pardoen (CNRS).

Grand Châtelet is a virtual reality app for every age and target group.

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