An entire life through the camera lens: that is iam.meyra, the new Snapchat series. It is a real-time soap opera that allows unique interaction with its main character.

Meyra is young, talented and passionate. At home she talks to her mother in Turkish, she sings her songs in English and German, and on the street she mashes it all together. Meyra wants to be a singer and eventually to make it big. Yet obstacles are constantly cropping up - the money is never enough, her new friend is kicked out of home, and to make matters worse, Meyra's mother is urging her to start an apprenticeship. Meyra sometimes doesn't even know what she herself wants. Throughout all these trials, Meyra keeps her followers intensely up-to-date on Snapchat and Instagram.

With a mix of spontaneity and raw emotion, iam.meyra is a new real-time social media series on Snapchat and Instagram.

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