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In need of a knowledge injection? "In Short" — the new Labo M web series on ARTE. In an entertaining and playful way, the format offers the audience a two-minute injection of up-to-date scientific knowledge. Does a Stradivarius sound better than a modern violin? How does a computer virus spread? Every week, Mathieu Vidard asks renowned scientists these and other questions during his radio show "La Tête au carré" on France Inter. "In Short" converts the show’s best stories and answers into images.

French graphic artist Perrine Marrais, who made a name for herself with her funny scientific animations for the series "If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!", brings everyday conundrums, both large and small, to life. "In Short" is a co-production with French radio station France Inter. The web series is available on the France Inter and ARTE websites, as well as through their social media channels. If you have a smart TV, you will also find in it the ARTE programming.


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