Innovative By Accident

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Few scientists would dare to admit that chance plays a big role in the advancement of science. A five part series that recounts the unknown stories of great scholars who benefited from it... Initially, Albert Hofmann research was supposed to produce a drug to regulate blood circulation, but it resulted in something quite different: LSD. In 1798, an English physician injected in his son one of the most dangerous viruses that Earth has ever known, and made a revolutionary discovery: the vaccine. The most powerful poison known today was discovered in a rotten sausage in the nineteenth century long before becoming a cosmetic surgery fetish: Botox. Alexander Fleming was always careful in his research to leave some place for chance. This allowed him to make one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century: Penicillin. While working on electrical discharge phenomena, the German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally discovered… the X-rays.




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