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Actress Esther Schweins is in the midst of her life, worried about her childrens' future and refuses to look the other way. In a new educational series, Schweins takes on the burning issues of today: the wastage of food, the overuse of plastic and the throw-away culture in fashion. And all this in a spectacular way:

In the middle of one German city, Schweins piles up a huge mountain of discarded baked goods from the previous day. In another town, she fills a tram with 50,000 coffee-to-go cups - the same amount that is thrown away every 10 minutes in Germany. And in Hamburg, she climbs a 5-ton mountain of used-clothes - the same amount is sorted out every two minutes in Germany.

Esther Schweins meets activists, discusses with politicians and asks northern Germans how they see these issues. She is on the search for constructive solutions that everyone can adopt in their day-to-day lives. For themselves and for the protection of our planet.






45 min.


Monday, 9 pm



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