The Truth About...


"The Truth About..." is the new science programme on rbb television. 

How much chemistry goes into our clothes? Can I drink tap water without worrying? Does noise make you sick? And is sugar really always bad for you? Everyday questions that many find increasingly difficult to answer: half-truths and misinformation spread throughout the internet countless times a day, making it increasingly difficult to get your bearings. So what’s truly important and what can you confidently forget about?

A job for truth-seekers and presenter Sven Oswald. He goes where it hurts, talks to those involved and experts, and doesn’t hesitate to test things out on himself. Even if he has to go to the edge of his physical limits – and beyond. Ultimately, he is committed to just one thing: the truth!

"The Truth About..." takes properly researched, verified facts and presents them in an entertaining and easily understandable way.




45 min.


Mondays, 9 pm


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