Welcome to Labo M

Labo M

We are a team of filmmakers, journalists, scientists, creatives , and technology enthusiasts. One thing unites us all: a passion for developing new, exciting films and formats. For every subject from wild, unbridled nature to visualizations of complex data, we set out to startle our audience from the start with our flair for aesthetics, authenticity, and excitement.

Dependable Producers

Labo M has comprehensive experience producing a wide range of formats from standalone documentaries to weekly magazine shows to elaborate international film productions. We deliver, professionally and on time.

Independent Journalists

Labo M has taken up the cause of genuine journalistic thoroughness. On this solid ground, our writers can go out on a limb for their stories when necessary. And simplify complex topics accurately and accessibly — to our viewers’ enjoyment.

International Team

Labo M has both German and French roots and an international, multicultural orientation. We receive commissions from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We are globally connected and collaborate with partners and research networks around the world.

Pioneer in New Technologies

Labo M is currently developing pioneering projects in interactive media, 360° film, virtual reality, and augmented reality. We have the technical and conceptual skills to successfully develop experimental formats to spec.



Alena Dörfler

Creative Producer

Dörthe Eickelberg

Host, director

Eva Schmidt

Producer, editor-in-chief

Florian Karpf

Producer, general manager

Florian Schumann

Director of production

Jirka Schaar

Production manager

Joana Kohlstedt

Associate producer

Katherina Lörsch

Associate producer

Linn Sackarnd

International co-production and financing

Mitja Thomas

Junior producer development

Niels Nagel

Producer, editor-in-chief

Pierre Girard

Host, cross-media producer

Simone Schaumberger

Associate producer

Torsten Berg

Creative producer development

Yvonne Miehlke

Executive assistent

Labo M encourages extraordinary people with
wide-ranging talents and backgrounds to
achieve more with us — no matter where they
are located.